Short Break & Respite Care

Caring for someone can be a huge undertaking and Carers sometimes need a break. This may be provided in a number of ways.  You may wish to go into a Care Home for a week or two or a specialist short term break facility, you could have home-based respite care, where another carer moves into your home to care for you, or you could have family-based respite care where you move into another family’s home for a period.

Respite is the reprieve or relief for the Primary Carer from their regular duties for a period of time.  This is most beneficial when rest and relief are needed for family members who are assisting with the Care of their loved ones.  

Petals Care will provide assistance to allow the family member to run errands, shop, socialise, or get some much-needed rest.  This respite may be provided every day or on a weekly basis.

To find out more or to book a Carer please contact Petals Care team on – 0208 133 0300.