Night Care

Petals Care can offer you a flexible service in respect of caring for you through the night.

We are happy to assist you with a service tailored to your specific requirements.

Whether you need someone to be on hand at all times, or just when you need occasional assistance, we can provide support matched to your needs.

  • Night duty – awake – this service is for clients who require frequent attention during the night.
  • Night duty – sitting – this service is for clients who may need some attention during the night.  Staff  will expect only to be called periodically during the night.
  • Night duty – sleeping – this service ensures that the client is not left alone during the night.  We do ask that a bed is provided for the carer, who will be expected to sleep.


To find out more or to book a Carer please contact Petals Care team on – 0208 133 0300.